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Toyota Dealer Near Henrico

Whether you’re out for a Sunday drive around Henrico County or headed to pick up Ronnie’s BBQ for the family, knowing you have a reliable and efficient vehicle is key; that’s where our team at Haley Toyota—your go-to Toyota dealer near Henrico—comes in. We boast a wide selection of new and used Toyotas for you to choose from, as well as a knowledgeable and friendly team who can help you choose which model is best for you.

The truth is that many of us spend a large amount of time in our vehicles, whether we’re commuting or running errands; this means that we want a vehicle that we know can easily take us from Point A to Point B, as well as one that’s comfortable, convenient, and functional.

Our team understands this need, which is why we focus on ensuring our inventory presents you with a range of good choices. If you’re curious about what vehicles might be best for you, start by exploring the options listed below, then stop by and talk with a member of our team about a test drive.

A green 2024 Toyota Sienna Limited driving on a dirt road with bikes on the roof.

What Does the Toyota Lineup Offer Henrico Drivers?

We’re proud to support the Toyota brand, not only because we’re a Toyota dealership but also because this brand offers a number of vehicle options that are often at the top of their class, giving you everything you need in a vehicle and much more. From the family-friendly Sienna to the mighty commuting power of the Corolla, we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you.

Toyota Sienna

We’ll start with this family-friendly option that’s been a mainstay of the Toyota brand since 1998. In the minivan segment, the Toyota Sienna is a standout vehicle for a number of strong reasons. The well-rounded qualities of the Sienna—which is renowned for its dependability, comfort, and versatility—make it suitable for both families and single drivers who often have passengers or cargo they need to transport.

In fact, its roomy interior—which provides enough space for both passengers and baggage—is one of its main advantages; this makes it perfect for daily commutes or lengthy road trips where ease and comfort are top priorities. Additionally, the Toyota Sienna's durable and efficient powertrain choices give you a smooth ride and excellent fuel economy, which is a big plus for drivers on a budget.

Its handling and maneuverability are also excellent for a car of its size, which means you can easily navigate parking when taking the family to a Flying Squirrels game. Another area where the Sienna excels is safety; this is thanks to the brand’s dedication to driver and passenger safety. By reducing possible hazards on the road, the safety features found in the Sienna not only improve the joy of driving but also peace of mind.

The steering wheel and infotainment screen in a 2024 Toyota RAV4 Limited at a Toyota dealer near Henrico.

Toyota RAV4

Another option to consider is the Toyota RAV4. While it has an elevated driving position and cargo space like the Sienna, it is built on an SUV frame, which might be more in line with your tastes and preferences. In terms of versatility and dependability, the Toyota RAV4 is a great choice for drivers looking for a small SUV. Recognized for its combination of comfort, functionality, and efficiency, the RAV4 serves a diverse range of drivers; because of this, it is perfect for both everyday commutes and weekend trips alike.

The Toyota RAV4 also offers a well-balanced driving experience in terms of performance. Its powerful yet fuel-efficient engine options deliver excellent performance, and the optional all-wheel drive improves traction and stability in a variety of driving conditions. The result is an agile vehicle with responsive handling, which makes driving fun.

You’ll also find a number of driver assistance features included in the RAV4; this is particularly important when younger drivers are behind the wheel, giving you peace of mind they can safely navigate to school and back with ease. Younger drivers—and older ones, as well—will also like the user-friendly infotainment system and seamless connection to compatible phones, ensuring occupants are entertained and updated throughout the drive.

Toyota Corolla

For commuters traveling back and forth along I-95, fuel efficiency is often a top priority, which is exactly what you get with the Toyota Corolla. However, you might wonder how it responds when faced with a longer drive, such as your annual summer vacation. The good news is that it performs well there, too, offering comfort and convenience for both you and your passengers. In fact, it might surprise you just how roomy the interior of this sedan is—and it’s easy to park on busy city streets or in parking garages!

The Corolla's safety is another key selling point, with a host of cutting-edge safety features and a history of high crash-test scores—and with a long history of reliability, you can count on having your Corolla for many years, which makes it a solid investment that can be passed down to younger drivers in the family when the time comes.

Finally, the Corolla is easy on the budget regarding maintenance, with lower-than-average annual repair costs. When you add that to the affordable base price and the amount of money you save at the gas pump, you can see why the Corolla is perennially a strong contender.

A red 2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid SE driving on a winding mountain road.

Check Out Our Pre-Owned Toyotas

We know not everyone is in the market to purchase a brand-new vehicle, which is why we pay close attention to the pre-owned vehicles we offer. This focus helps you feel confident in the used vehicle you choose, in addition to the support you'll get from our factory-trained technicians long after the sale. Buying a used vehicle also comes with a variety of benefits beyond being an easier choice for your budget.

For instance, you'll retain more of the invested value when purchasing from our used inventory since newer vehicles depreciate in the first few years of ownership. Plus, if your budget is a concern, you’ll find that pre-owned vehicles are often less expensive to insure. Finally, a used vehicle gives you the chance to buy a top-tier trim with all the bells and whistles that you might not have been able to afford brand-new.

Our Dedication and Commitment

We know that car shopping has traditionally been a source of stress for many drivers, which is why we strive to offer you something different. From the moment you pull into our lot, you’ll find that our team truly cares about your needs when looking for a new or used vehicle rather than prioritizing a quick sale.

In fact, we work hard to provide you with support that lasts long after any sale. From our sales team, who listens to your needs and helps you narrow down your selection, to the finance team, who takes the time to explore your loan or leasing options, to the technicians in our state-of-the-art service center, you’ll find that we’re dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need.

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