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Toyota Highlander for Sale Near Tuckahoe VA

When was the last time you bought a vehicle? Most drivers wait at least a few years before replacing their current automobile, while some of the more prosperous drivers out there may upgrade every other year. No matter how often you purchase your vehicles, we all buy cars because they're a crucial part of the daily hustle and bustle of 100+ million Americans. Some of the most celebrated vehicles on the market right now are SUVs, which accommodate families with ease and are getting better fuel efficiency every year. Here at Haley Toyota of Richmond, we've got the best of today's SUVs, with the newest Toyota Highlander for sale near Tuckahoe, VA.

We carry Highlander models from years past on our extensive used vehicle lot, or you can take the next step in your driving career by purchasing a brand-new Highlander with your choice of trim and features. If you've never owned an unused vehicle, the Highlander is an excellent place to start. However, whether new or used, the Highlander is an unforgettable and distinctive experience that can best its competitors in cargo space, efficiency, and technology. Most of this comes down to its manufacturer—one of the most universally acclaimed vehicle creators, Toyota. All the best vehicles from this world-renowned automaker's lineup can be found here at our dealership, located in Midlothian but servicing anyone from Chester, Mechanicsville, and elsewhere in the Greater Richmond Area.

A silver 2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition is shown parked in a lobby.

Highlander: There Can Only Be One

Flashback to the new millennium, when SUVs were becoming a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry: city streets, parking lots, and driveways began to house these new kinds of vehicles that combined the benefits of a sedan with the fundamental differences of their larger frame, such as more cargo space and more robust engines. When SUVs were reaching their height of popularity, around the turn of the century, most manufacturers had taken a slice of the SUV pie—and one of these manufacturers was none other than one of the most storied companies in the Japanese automotive game: Toyota.

The Highlander presently joins Toyota's lineup of over a dozen SUV models. Toyota's list of SUVs has always been one of the most revered and recognizable lineups for decades, and the Highlander has been a large part of this success. Something that separates the Highlander from some of the other midsize SUVs is that the Highlander is also considered a three-row SUV, and thus—as the name implies—the Highlander can seat a maximum of eight passengers. This is great for anyone who's tried to take the extended family to the Deep Run Park & Recreation Center north of Tuckahoe, the Children's Museum of Richmond in the heart of the metropolis, or historical tours around the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers.

Even those who rarely, if ever, drive with more than five passengers in the car, it's great to have the option; with three rows of seating, the driver can choose how they wish to utilize the space in their vehicle. For example, if you have a family of five, you may not need that extra row, so you can fold it down for additional cargo space. Alternatively, you could always raise that row of seats back up if you're driving your child and their friends to school, soccer practice, or anything else.

With the Highlander, drivers can expect the exceptional amount of cargo and passenger space to be complemented by satisfying performance and cost-saving fuel efficiency. Living in and around Richmond, like Tuckahoe Village, you know how large this city is, and if you can spend less time during the week filling up your gas tank, you'll be amazed at the time you'll save. The Highlander is a fantastic value in that it serves as a fantastic long-term investment owing to its quality, ease of repair, and money-saving sensibilities—like an available turbocharged engine, depending on which model you purchase, for example.

A person is shown stargazing in a popular Toyota Highlander for sale near Tuckahoe, VA, a 2023 Toyota Highlander.

Shopping New & Used

We don't limit you in how you wish to purchase your Highlander. At Hayley Toyota of Richmond, we give you all you need to maximize the potential of your shopping experience; providing you with choices is how we do things differently. Compared to most other dealerships in the Greater Richmond Area, our selection has unbeatable pricing and covers both the new and pre-owned vehicle spectrum. If you choose to buy a new vehicle from us, you'll be getting all of Toyota's factory warranties. Pre-owned vehicles may not come with these, but we can produce their CARFAX reports to inform your shopping process, and those who shop for a pre-owned Highlander will be glad they went that route if one of their primary goals was to save money.

Perks of the 2023 Model

The 2023 Toyota Highlander shares much in common with the 2022 model, but—for all of its similarities—there's one difference worth noting: a turbocharged 2.4L four-cylinder has replaced the 3.5L V6 engine as standard. Toyota managed to accomplish this without altering fuel efficiency or towing capacity, and yet the torque sees an improvement from 263 lb-ft to 309 lb-ft.

The 2023 Highlander—like the models from the past few years—offers a maximum of 84.3 cu.ft. of cargo space, were you to fold down every other seat in your cabin. This is the benefit of having three rows of seating, as you'll still have an ample 48.4 cu.ft. of cargo space available even if you have three passengers seated behind you. Still, if you do need the extra seats up in the third row, you'll nevertheless have 16 cu.ft. of cargo space. Where it truly shines is when the third, second, or both rows are folded. Even if this is something you'll only utilize once in a blue moon, it's a feature that's better to have than to need.

A grey 2023 Toyota Highlander XSE is shown driving on a city street at dusk.

Why Drivers Choose Us

Drivers in and around the Greater Richmond Area depend on Haley Toyota because of the positive experiences shared by other members of our community; their glowing reviews have led us to become one of the most trusted dealerships in the neighborhood. If you're looking for high-quality vehicles with professional, no-nonsense service and a well-informed sales team, look no further than Haley Toyota of Richmond. We have an extensive selection of vehicles that our customers love driving—from new Toyota vehicles to used ones, along with a host of other big-name manufacturers—and our service technicians are available at competitive rates.

That's right—Haley Toyota of Richmond's on-site service and parts center will supply you with OEM parts to use here or elsewhere. If you wish to utilize our service center, you can schedule an appointment with our certified technicians by phone. In the long run, you can come to us for your vehicle, bring it back for servicing and repairs, and then trade it back when the cycle repeats and you're looking to shop once again.

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