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Toyota Dealer Near Chester

Whether you’re simply going around the town or you're hitting the highway toward faraway places, you're going to want a reliable means of transportation—and you'll find no vehicles more reliable than those produced by Toyota. This brand is one of the industry's most trusted and reliable, as this is a manufacturer that continually improves its technology and craftsmanship. Toyota’s penchant for designing cars, trucks, and SUVs that offer conservative fuel consumption means that, as a Toyota dealer near Chester, we are ideally suited to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that can enhance your driving experience.

At Haley Toyota of Richmond, you’ll find the whole gamut of Toyota's vehicles, all potentially suited for your driving needs. Whether you’re looking for a car, truck, or SUV, something special is waiting to go from our lot to your driveway. Toyota makes a kind of vehicle for everybody, from performance and economy to off-roading and family-oriented transportation; you'll undoubtedly find such a quality ride at our location if you’re looking for a vehicle to do it all.

A person walking from a parked red 2024 Toyota Corolla.

A Fleet of Finesse and Exceptional Quality

Toyota has a significant advantage over its competitors in that they have one of the most expansive fleets in the industry. While some brands like Chevy and Ford have emphasized their SUVs, Toyota has kept its focus on providing consumers with a wealth of options across all kinds of body styles, making more of their fare suitable for any driver, regardless of their particular tastes. Those who live in Chester will undoubtedly appreciate this, including the growing family who needs an SUV, the young driver who wants style and power, and the adventurer who wishes for something that'll go off-road with ease.

Toyota's Popular Sedans

The four-door sedan has been the cream of the crop for Toyota over the past several decades. The two most popular models in this segment are the Corolla and Camry. These sedans have been satisfying the needs of drivers who want reliable transportation but also conservative fuel economy figures and a discernible level of style. The Toyota Supra, which first rose to prominence in the 1980s, delivers the same flair but with high-octane excitement.

In contrast, the Prius has been the most recognizable hybrid sedan for several years, allowing drivers to go much further for less. For those looking to maximize their fuel economy even further, the Toyota Prius Prime takes the fuel economy of the Prius and improves on it with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Aside from using Toyota’s hybrid technology to its fullest potential, the Prius Prime also exhibits a unique aesthetic look.

One of the newest members of the Toyota fleet is the Crown, which returned in 2022 after spending half a century out of the US market. Exhibiting a seamless style that merges the sedan and SUV, the Crown straddles the line between full-sized sedan and crossover. Ideal for drivers looking for exceptional fuel economy, daring style, and great storage, it’s a welcomed member of the Toyota family that many drivers have been finding exciting.

A silver 2023 Toyota Crown Limited driving in a city after visiting a Toyota dealer near Chester.

Two Tough Trucks

The pickup truck has always been associated with the domestic manufacturers that first helped this segment rise to prominence. Not one to be outdone by a competitor, Toyota's pickup trucks—the Tacoma and Tundra—are highly adaptable and versatile, and they are just as adept at off-roading and occupational obligations as their US counterparts.

The Tacoma is Toyota’s midsize pickup truck, competing against the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, and Nissan Frontier. Available in a host of trims geared towards off-roading and occupational duties, the Tacoma is the only truck in its class with a hybrid powertrain that exceeds expectations. The Tundra is a full-size pickup that goes toe to toe with models like the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500.

Some Excellent SUVs

As the demand for SUVs has increased over the years, Toyota has delivered various great models to the masses. Options like the RAV4 and Corolla Cross are highly adaptable and agile enough to maneuver around any city or suburban setting. At the same time, the Sequoia, Land Cruiser, and Highlander will appeal to Chester drivers who enjoy their adventures and need maximum seating and storage.

Always on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Toyota has found new ways to adapt EV technology to its fleet, with offerings such as the bZ4X and the RAV4 Hybrid. Whether you’re looking for family-oriented transportation or something to facilitate your next adventure on the path less traveled, Toyota makes an SUV that can meet all your needs.

Shop Our Selection of New and Used Models

Chester drivers looking to gain the upper hand with Toyota's latest and greatest features will be impressed by our selection of vehicles from the current model year. This means getting a fresh Toyota off the assembly line and taking advantage of some of the exceptional warranty coverage that Toyota offers.

Some warranty benefits include complimentary maintenance for the first two years or 25,000 miles, as well as a powertrain warranty lasting five years or 60,000 miles. After all, the first two years are often the most important when it comes to maintaining your vehicle—keeping up with preventative measures during your model's break-in period—and having this taken care of free of charge means not having to be overly concerned with annual repair costs.

Because we follow Toyota’s example of offering variety, Chester drivers can also shop our extensive collection of used vehicles. These are all held to high standards, and our inventory of used vehicles ensures that you’ll get the Toyota you want at a lower cost; you'll also be able to save on your monthly insurance premiums since used vehicles are less expensive to insure.

A high angle view of a silver 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid driving on a highway.

We Offer Financing for Your Vehicle

If something on our lot catches your eye, but you’re concerned that it might be out of your price range, we’re happy to help. Our financing department believes that all our customers should get the opportunity to experience the greatness of Toyota first-hand. We’ll work closely with you and your finances to work out a structured payment plan that allows you to have the vehicle you want at a price you can afford.

Several of our customers have gotten a new Toyota by trading in their current vehicle as a means of equity. By doing this, you’ll not only offset the initial upfront cost of the Toyota you want, but you’ll also have a lower monthly payment. Drivers who live in Chester and the surrounding communities will be pleased to know that we’re here to work hard to get you behind the wheel.

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