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Toyota 4Runner for Sale

The automotive landscape is inundated with crossovers that deliver sedan-like performance, handling, and efficiency with more spaciousness for passengers and cargo. Yet, while these models are classified as SUVs, purists argue they aren’t genuine SUVs with their unibody designs. Instead, rigs like the 4Runner and its body-on-frame platform take that honor as an anti-crossover SUV that blends sophistication with rugged capability. Perhaps this balance inspired your search for a Toyota 4Runner for sale, or maybe you’re drawn to the exceptional reliability of the Toyota name.

Whatever inspired your search, you’ll find the 4Runner and more at Haley Toyota of Richmond. Just as the 4Runner stays true to its SUV roots, we remain true to our legacy as a family-oriented dealership that delivers a customer experience like no one else. While other dealerships prioritize the sale, we welcome you into the family and give you access to the expertise that makes us the leading Toyota dealer in the region. But what does this mean for you?

Shopping with Haley Toyota of Richmond means having the opportunity to get excited about the 4Runner and the buying process. Our passion for the Toyota lineup is unprecedented and, quite frankly, contagious. It makes it easy for our customers to enjoy every step of their journey, from browsing our extensive inventory of new and used models to taking test drives, narrowing their searches, and finalizing the sale. This is how buying an SUV like the 4Runner should be, and we’re here to deliver every step of the way.

An orange 2023 Toyota 4Runner for sale is shown driving on a dirt road.

Toyota’s Legendary SUV: A 4Runner History

The first-generation 4Runner was nothing more than a Hilux pickup truck with a fiberglass shell over the bed. The bare-bones design was enough for drivers in the 1980s, especially those looking for a capable SUV that could easily accommodate passengers and cargo. Toyota guaranteed as much, equipping the first-generation 4Runner with a standard 100-hp engine and adding unique components like an independent suspension to improve on and off-road handling.

By the 1990s, Toyota fine-tuned the 4Runner by adding rear doors for improved accessibility and replacing the coils with leaf springs in the independent front suspension. However, it wasn’t until the third generation that the 4Runner deviated from its truck-like design and debuted a specific body-on-frame platform that gave it a unique aesthetic. As a result, the 4Runner was less like a truck with a camper shell and more akin to a genuine SUV.

As Toyota refined the 4Runner’s design, it extended its wheelbase to improve its aerodynamics and expand its cabin size. These changes ignited the SUV’s ongoing efforts to balance its off-road prowess with heightened on-road performance and more responsive handling. Could an SUV deliver both without asking drivers to sacrifice or settle for less?

The 4Runner achieved what was once deemed impossible, as the fourth-generation SUV introduced a larger and better-appointed cabin, more capable engines, and a versatile Torsen center differential designed for everyday driving. The 4Runner's success at balancing ruggedness with sophistication struck a chord with drivers and continues to do so today, making it one of Toyota’s top sellers and one of the best-value SUVs on any new or used lot.

A red 2022 Toyota 4Runner is shown from the rear driving over large rocks.

New or Used, You’ll Find the Perfect 4Runner Here

Toyota is one of the most revered automotive brands in the industry because of its success in building vehicles that retain their value over the years. While most new cars depreciate incredibly fast, SUVs like the 4Runner are exceptions to industry standards. Kelley Blue Book proves as much, with the 4Runner earning countless honors for its high resale value year after year. But what does this mean for you when it's time to buy?

The 4Runner’s exceptional resale value makes it a wise investment and a remarkable find as a new or used model. At Haley Toyota of Richmond, we add to this by ensuring you have plenty of options to choose from in one convenient location. We hand-pick every new and used model, so there’s a 4Runner for every driving, style, and budget need. It’s our way of saving you valuable time and money by eliminating the need to shop around for the perfect model at a better price.

New or used, you’ll find your 4Runner at Haley Toyota; we guarantee it. We’re so confident in our inventory that we offer a satisfaction guarantee with your purchase, which gives you a 72-hour return window. Then, if you find the 4Runner doesn’t meet your needs, you can return it with no questions asked. It’s a win-win and shows you how confident we are in our inventory and in Toyota’s exceptional ability to deliver value, versatility, and capability in an SUV like the 4Runner.

Meet the 2022 4Runner

The 2022 4Runner continues its tenure in the Toyota lineup and builds on its legacy as a “do-anything” SUV with a penchant for adventure. Toyota celebrates as much by expanding the 4Runner’s lineup with the all-new TRD Sport that outfits the SUV with 20-inch wheels, exclusive badging, a hood scoop, and faux-leather upholstery. These features give the trim a unique advantage, proving its keen ability to balance capability with agile on-road performance.

Beyond the TRD Sport, the 4Runner also enjoys several other upgrades and modifications. The SUV now comes standard with LED lighting for improved visibility and a rear occupancy alert for enhanced safety. Most trims build on these safety features by adding Toyota’s blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert technology. The more adventurous and rugged TRD Pro also sees the addition of the multi-terrain monitor, a standard feature for the 2022 model that uses strategically placed cameras to give drivers better visibility around the vehicle when navigating technical terrain.

A blue 2022 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is shown off-roading on a muddy path.

Why Choose Haley Toyota of Richmond

You’re excited to get in the driver’s seat of the 4Runner, but you know doing so might come with unwanted stress as you navigate the car-buying process. After all, your previous dealership experience left you frustrated and overwhelmed, so you expect much of the same. Fortunately, that’s not the reality when you shop with Haley Toyota of Richmond.

We’re proud to offer a unique customer experience that lets you get excited about the car-buying process. Our straightforward approach eliminates the hassle of the traditional dealership experience, putting you at ease because you know you’re in good hands. You know that what you see is what you get with our team because of our commitment to honesty, transparency, and respect.

These values shape every aspect of our business, from our sales and finance teams to our service center. You’ll find this truly refreshing when you navigate the buying process because our finance team takes the time to explain your options and help you find the best term for your budget needs. In addition, our hassle-free approach ensures you get the best deal and know what you’re paying before you finalize the sale, making it easy and enjoyable to shop for your next Toyota.

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