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Toyota 4Runner for Sale Near Tuckahoe

There’s something about Tuckahoe that makes it stand out from the rest of the American Southeast. While there’s been an exponential amount of growth in the area, both in terms of population and development, those who call it home still cling to the traditions that go back generations. Many of these same virtues can be found in the Toyota 4Runner. In a world where the SUV continues to rise in popularity and evolve every year, the 4Runner embodies the classic style and capability that first made this vehicle class popular in the early 1990s.

Considering Tuckahoe’s cold winters and proximity to the wilderness, a vehicle like the 4Runner seems to be perfectly suited for this area. Here at Haley Toyota of Richmond, we take immense pride in providing drivers from all over Virginia the chance to experience the excellence of the brand we represent. If you’re looking for a Toyota 4Runner for sale near Tuckahoe, then taking the trip to our showroom could be the start of a long and prosperous relationship with one of the most revered auto brands.

A red 2024 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road is shown driving through a river.

The Toyota 4Runner: At the Forefront of Innovation

We tend to associate the start of the SUV boom with vehicles such as the Ford Explorer and Honda CR-V. However, long before either one of these vehicles rolled off of the assembly line and into the driveway, the 4Runner had already established itself as a viable option for drivers. In fact, the 4Runner was introduced all the way back in 1983. Toyota had the foresight to equip the 4Runner with a four-cylinder engine to allow for better fuel economy than the Ford Bronco or Chevy Blazer, which were utilizing V6 powertrains.

Another aspect that set this vehicle apart was a five-speed manual transmission. The 4Runner came in both two- and four-door variations, which was a prominent feature for many SUVs from that time. One of the most prominent changes in this model arrived in 1995; this was around the time when the Explorer was gaining popularity and supplanted the Ford Bronco. The 4Runner was equipped with many features that were on Toyota's flagship pickup truck, the Tacoma; this allowed for increased performance and better handling.

The 4Runner has maintained its rough and tough design since its inception. In terms of its popularity among drivers, the past several years have not seen this model’s sales dip below the threshold of 100,000 units sold—and these numbers don’t lie. The 4Runner is one of the most beloved SUVs on the market. As for the most recent 4Runner, it boasts plenty of power with a mighty V6 engine and is available in either rear- or four-wheel drive, making it suitable for city driving and off-roading alike.

A man is shown putting luggage into the rear area of a 2024 Toyota 4Runner for sale near Tuckahoe.

Test Drive a New Toyota 4Runner

Are you looking for a way to conquer new terrain and commute around Tuckahoe with ease? Are you in the market for a means of transportation from a manufacturer that has built its reputation on sustainability and quality? It might be the perfect time to visit us and take a brand-new 4Runner for a test drive. This model comes in various trims that are perfectly suited for either off-road performance or simply cruising around. If you consider yourself a family-oriented driver and have a penchant for safety, you’ll be pleased to know that the 4Runner has consistently received a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA.

A plethora of standard driver assistance features—including adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking—offer peace of mind like never before. You’ll also have the advantage of Toyota’s exceptional warranty coverage that includes complimentary maintenance for a period of two years or 25,000 miles. Our team here at Haley Toyota of Richmond will gladly perform these necessary services to ensure that your 4Runner runs for several years and thousands of miles.

Our Selection of Used 4Runners

If you’re someone who has a keen eye for lower costs and saving money whenever and wherever you can, you can take advantage of one of our used Toyota 4Runner models. There’s no denying that Toyota has built a reputation for building vehicles that are known for their reliability, and the need for—and costs of—repair for the 4Runner is exceptionally low over the course of this model's first several years.

Annual repair costs are something that all drivers are curious about when they’re preparing to purchase something that’s been previously owned. For the first nine years of ownership, the cost of maintaining a 4Runner stays below the threshold of $1,000, and it stays under $500 for the first five. This is far better than the average for other vehicles in its class. In fact, the chances of a 4Runner needing an unexpected or major repair don’t even eclipse the 15th percentile until the ten-year mark; this is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that Toyota is known for. If you think that a used Toyota 4Runner will be ideal for you, our team will help you choose the right one.

A silver 2024 Toyota 4Runner Limited is shown from the side off-roading on a dusty dirt road.

Available Financing Options

Getting behind the wheel of a 4Runner is an invigorating experience—just ask anyone who owns one. If you’ve been admiring one from afar but have thought that it might be out of your price range, our financing department is here to help your dream become reality. If you’re looking to buy, we’ll work closely with you and your financial situation to establish a payment plan that’s fair and balanced and will allow you to stay well within your budget.

Many drivers who have come to our showroom are looking to experience many of the advantages that the 4Runner has to offer but are concerned with committing to buying outright, as well as the depreciation that occurs once a model is driven off of our lot. A viable solution to this is choosing to lease, as you’ll have all of the advantages that Toyota has to offer but won’t have to be concerned with depreciation.

Because of Toyota’s warranty coverage, your maintenance will be taken care of, and you won’t be obliged to buy this perk because it's included—so whether you’re looking to buy or lease a 4Runner, we make it easier than ever before.

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