Take a Journey Through Toyota’s Iconic SUVs

April 19th, 2024 by

A white 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross XLE driving on a blurred city street.

As a Toyota dealership, you’d expect us to be big fans of the Toyota lineup—and we are, of course, but it’s not just because we sell these great vehicles. Looking at the selection of SUVs that you’ll find at a Toyota dealer near Petersburg like ourselves, it’s easy to see that this brand has something for pretty much every driver.

You have a huge selection of different models available—including more SUVs than just about any other lineup out there—giving you amazing vehicles to choose from. So today, we thought it would be fun to take a journey through this selection of iconic Toyota SUVs and see what they have to offer; that way, you’ll have a better sense of which one(s) might have what you’re looking for…

The Toyota Corolla Cross

Kicking things off, we have the Corolla Cross, which is a subcompact model and the smallest SUV in Toyota’s lineup. Although the Corolla Cross has been around in Japan and some other markets since 2020, it first hit the road here in the US for the 2022 model year. Since then, it’s proven to be a popular option, giving you a great driving experience with a small design that can fit into even the most downsized lifestyle.

It’s even available with a hybrid engine for exceptional fuel efficiency that lets you go a long time between stops for gas. To give you a sense of its size, you get about 25 cu.ft. of rear cargo space in the Corolla Cross and about 66 cu.ft. of total cargo volume behind the front seats, giving you a good amount of room to play with for a subcompact SUV.

The Toyota Venza

Slightly bigger than the Corolla Cross, the Toyota Venza is a compact SUV with a lot to offer, including a hybrid powertrain that allows for incredible fuel efficiency and a sporty ride. The original Venza was released for the 2009 model year and ran through 2015, when it was discontinued due to competition and Toyota wanting to focus on other models at the time.

For the 2021 model year, however, the Venza returned with an all-new design and new looks, though it remains a great option for drivers who do not need something with massive room inside for passengers or cargo. With about 29 cu.ft. of rear cargo space and 55 cu.ft. of total cargo volume on offer, this is a great choice for running errands around Petersburg and your daily commute.

The rear cargo area in a 2024 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited at a Toyota dealer near Petersburg.

The Toyota RAV4

An absolute legend in the Toyota lineup, the RAV4 is a compact SUV and one of the most popular vehicles ever made. First launched in 1996, the RAV4 has been around a long time and has proven itself over and over again; it has routinely been the best-selling SUV in the world, and more than half a million of them frequently sell each year just here in the US.

More than ten million RAV4s have been sold across the world since its introduction, and that number continues to go up year after year. Numerous versions of the RAV4 are available these days, including hybrid and even plug-in hybrid models. Despite its compact design, you still get nearly 38 cu.ft. of rear cargo space in the RAV4 and almost 70 cu.ft. of total cargo volume.

The Toyota 4Runner

Next up, we have the Toyota 4Runner, which is also an incredibly popular model: a midsize SUV that has two rows of seating inside but a larger overall interior for much more cargo space. Incredibly, the 4Runner turns forty this year since it was first released for the 1984 model year, achieving a feat that’s quite rare in the auto industry; this indicates just how popular this SUV has always been and how it remains at the forefront of what a lot of drivers want in a vehicle.

An incredibly reliable vehicle, 4Runners tend to stay on the road a long time, with powerful engines that make them a lot of fun to drive. The modern 4Runner has more than 47 cu.ft. of rear cargo space and almost 90 cu.ft. of total cargo volume inside, giving you plenty of room for everything you need to bring with you.

The Toyota Highlander

One of our favorite vehicles for drivers with large or growing families, the Highlander is a three-row SUV that gives you a beautifully appointed and spacious interior. This is one of the biggest options in Toyota’s lineup, and it’s been a popular SUV ever since it first hit the road more than twenty years ago. In its first generation, both two- and three-row versions of the Highlander were available, but it became a dedicated three-row model when other two-row SUVs came to dominate the middle of Toyota’s lineup.

A hybrid version of the Highlander has been available since 2006, making it the first seven-passenger hybrid vehicle on the market. These days, it’s offered alongside a larger option built on the same platform called the Grand Highlander; where the standard Highlander has 16 cu.ft. of rear cargo space, about 48 cu.ft. behind the second row, and about 84 cu.ft. of total cargo volume, the Grand Highlander gives you more than 20 cu.ft. of rear cargo volume, almost 58 cu.ft. of cargo space behind the second row, and nearly 98 cu.ft. of total cargo space to take advantage of.

Aerial view of a red 2024 Toyota Sequoia Capstone driving towards a tree-lined home.

The Toyota Sequoia

As the largest offering in Toyota’s SUV lineup, the Sequoia is a massive machine that’s perfect if you have a big family and need plenty of room for everyone (and everything) that you need to have along with you. First released for the 2001 model year, the Sequoia has been making a name for itself as a full-size SUV ever since, winning over drivers who are looking for a sophisticated Toyota ride while needing something with plenty of room inside.

The modern Sequoia has a beast of a turbocharged engine that makes it incredibly fun to drive, packing a ton of power into its full-size frame. This SUV has more than 22 cu.ft. of rear cargo space, 49 cu.ft. of cargo room behind the second row of seats, and almost 87 cu.ft. of total cargo volume to take advantage of. Plus, the Sequoia can handle more than 9,500 lbs of towing when properly equipped, making it an amazing option for a wide range of uses.

The Toyota Land Cruiser

Next up, we have a true legend in the Toyota lineup: the Land Cruiser, which has been through many different generations and model years since it was first introduced in the 1950s. These days, it’s a powerful off-road SUV that’s perfect if you’re looking for something to take you on an adventure or to leave Petersburg behind for a long weekend of camping.

Every modern Land Cruiser comes with a powerful turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive, ensuring it can tackle anything you throw at it. With 6,000 lbs of towing capacity when properly equipped and plenty of room inside for family and cargo, the Land Cruiser is an amazing vehicle that can dominate the road and the trail alike. In previous years, this was a full-size option with three rows inside, but it is now a midsize SUV with seating for up to five passengers

Come Find Your Next Toyota SUV

After looking at these fantastic vehicles, it’s easy to see why so many people get excited about the Toyota lineup. Iconic models like the RAV4, 4Runner, and Land Cruiser have changed the way we view what SUVs can do, and they have shaped the auto industry as other car companies have tried to keep up with Toyota’s designers and engineers.

These are vehicles that stay on the road for a long time and sell in tremendous numbers, which is why we see so many of them around us on the road. All it takes is one drive in one of these SUVs to appreciate everything it has to offer and start looking for the vehicle that will take you on your next journey, whether that’s just around Petersburg, on a long family road trip, or anything else that life has planned for you.