Highlights of the 2024 RAV4 Hybrid

February 21st, 2024 by

A red 2024 Toyota RAV4 Prime is shown driving on a coastal road.

In 2019, you could find the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for sale as a new entry in the market. Not only did this hybrid model substantially improve upon the nameplate’s fuel efficiency, but it also gave the RAV4 some extra oomph. The 2024 model is the latest addition to the lineup and is proving to be one of its best years yet. Available in seven trims, the RAV4 Hybrid offers off-road and sport-tuned options and luxury trims that are ideal for those who enjoy the finer side of life.

Designed with a rugged and handsome exterior and the heart of a hybrid, the RAV4 Hybrid is a truly impressive SUV. It is difficult not to fall for its seamless melding of technology and nature, which allows it to blaze the open road and seek out adventure all in the same day. If you feel the call of tomorrow, answer with the RAV4 Hybrid. With an EPA-estimated 41 MPG in the city and 38 MPG on the highway, the RAV4 Hybrid is an SUV that won’t have you sweating the last-minute run to the grocery store or the long trip to Grandma’s.

The Newest RAV4 Hybrid

The 2024 RAV4 Hybrid is brimming with features that perfectly combine Toyota’s eco-conscious engineering with cutting-edge tech, advanced safety programs, and impressive performance. From the outside, the RAV4 Hybrid sports muscular lines, and on the inside, the RAV4 Hybrid offers refined comfort and an exciting hybrid engine. Choose from unique trims like the Woodland Edition for a vehicle that better matches your specific needs.

An assortment of color options lets you make the RAV4 Hybrid all your own, but it is the two-toned finishes that really stand out from the rest. A Black Metallic roof is paired with a selection of color finishes and results in a floating roof aesthetic. An optional one-touch moonroof adds an airiness to the interior, or you can upgrade to the glass roof for a truly open feel.

Available in an assortment of interior finishes, the RAV4 Hybrid is brought to life with colored stitching and Toyota’s patented SofTex material. Premium finishes create a warm and welcoming interior, while an assortment of tech keeps the RAV4 Hybrid modern. An available 10.5-inch infotainment display immediately draws your attention, while features like a wireless charging pad elevate it further. Wireless versions of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto keep the cabin mess- and stress-free while making sure you stay connected to the people and things that matter.

Performance Perks

All trims come standard with Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive, a system that offers traction when you need it. Running the front axle and rear axle separately, the RAV4 Hybrid has the nifty ability to use the rear wheels only when extra traction at the rear is needed; otherwise, it is disengaged, leaving the RAV4 Hybrid as a front-wheel drive vehicle. There are plenty of benefits with this drivetrain—notable among them being improved fuel efficiency when in front-wheel drive and improved handling and stability when in all-wheel drive.

Special drive modes work in harmony with the Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive to get the most out of every mile. Five distinct drive modes let you prioritize efficiency, speed, and so on. Normal Mode provides the best of both acceleration and efficiency, which is great for regular driving. Eco Mode prioritizes fuel efficiency, while EV Mode uses the hybrid’s battery power for starkly improved fuel efficiency over short spans. For performance, the RAV4 Hybrid offers Sport Mode for some extra zip and Trail Mode for improved traction when hitting the paths or going over uneven terrain.

The SE and XSE trims take a different approach to performance, focusing on how the RAV4 Hybrid behaves on the road. Sport-tuned suspension equips this vehicle with stabilizer bars in both the front and the rear, reducing body roll. These performance-oriented trims also include such extras as chrome dual exhausts and leather-trimmed interior accents.

A close up shows the 'plug-in hybird' badge on a a red 2024 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for sale.

Convenience, Safety, and Infotainment for All

Showcasing a plethora of cutting-edge tech, the 2024 RAV4 Hybrid is designed for everyday life. Practical features like the available hands-free power liftgate let you open the cargo hold even if your hands are full. Great for running errands, loading up for a getaway, and everything else life entails, the hands-free design is an example of how the RAV4 Hybrid fits seamlessly into all lifestyles. Another available feature includes the Panoramic View Monitor which includes a range of views for all-over video coverage.

Convenience and safety meet with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5. This suite of safety programs is designed to act as a second pair of hands and eyes on the road, making things easier and safer. Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 includes programs such as Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Road Sign Assist. Using both active and passive features, this suite covers you from nose to tail.

Just as safety and convenience meet with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5, safety and connectivity meet with Safety Connect, Remote Connect, and Service Connect. Safety Connect offers such features as Stolen Vehicle Locator and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, while Remote Connect lets you lock and unlock your doors remotely, start and stop your vehicle, and even find your vehicle in a parking lot. (Imagine never losing your vehicle in a parking lot again!) The many connected services offered on the RAV4 Hybrid show how Toyota is working toward making vehicles designed for whatever life has in store.

The Woodland Edition

For anyone looking to take the RAV4 Hybrid off-road, then the Woodland Edition is the trim for you. This trim is an embodiment of adventure, reflecting how the automotive industry is demonstrating environmental consciousness. This special edition hybrid represents everyone from nature enthusiasts to eco-conscious drivers alike and is a highlight of the 2024 RAV4 Hybrid lineup. Inside and out, the trim features unique elements that won’t go unnoticed.

Outside, unique design elements utilizing black accents and dark chrome finishes create an elevated ruggedness that fits perfectly into the great outdoors. The Woodland Edition wears all-terrain tires wrapped around visually striking bronze-finished alloy wheels that don’t just suggest adventure; they also communicate luxury. The bronze is offset with black lugnuts and adds a special touch to the trim. The tires enjoy a unique marriage of on-road comfort and off-road capability.

Speaking of off-road capability, this special edition RAV4 Hybrid is designed with a TRD suspension uniquely tuned to conquer the great outdoors. Bump stops enhanced for the Woodland Edition result in a ride that makes the rocky trails found off-road feel more like refined paved roads. While out on the trails, you can power up your gear via the 120-volt outlet located in the cargo hold. Other special features include raised roof rails, mudguards, and an activity mount for towing and hauling.

A dog is shown jumping out of a black 2024 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition.

Excellence in the RAV4

Toyota has once again raised the bar, presenting the all-new RAV4 Hybrid as the latest iteration of the lineup. Combining fuel-saving tech with off-road prowess, the 2024 RAV4 Hybrid is a best-of-both-worlds kind of SUV. You can make a difference while also taking a different path and do it all in the ruggedly refined RAV4 Hybrid. With an improved hybrid powertrain, the new RAV4 Hybrid delivers an impressive fusion of electric- and gasoline-powered performance that doesn’t just get you the extra mile but rather gets you a few extra!

With only a few years or so to prove itself, the hybrid version of the RAV4 has done just that. The gas-powered RAV4 is an attractive enough vehicle, but throw in a couple of electric motors and you have a dream machine designed to impress. Hybrid technology is taken to a new level with the 2024 RAV4 Hybrid.