Highlander, Sienna, Sequoia: Which is the Best for Your Family?

January 14th, 2022 by

A grey 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE is shown driving on a city bridge after visiting a Midlothian Toyota dealership.

Families…they come in all sizes and with all types of needs, which means that the vehicle you choose to transport your family means everything. Whether you’re seeking out the ultimate family hauler for your small children or one that can match your teen’s adventurous spirit, there’s a model in the Toyota lineup that’s perfect for you. At Haley Toyota of Richmond, we’re your top Midlothian Toyota dealership, and when it’s time to find the ideal Toyota model for your family, a few of our favorites come to mind: the efficient Highlander, spacious Sienna, and adventurous Sequoia. So, between the Highlander, Sienna, and Sequoia, which is right for your family? Well, it depends on your unique needs, and our team can’t wait to help you with your search, so let’s find out which Toyota traveler is going to maximize your family’s journey to the fullest.

Toyota Highlander: Efficient & Safe

Perhaps the first word that comes to mind when you take a look at the Highlander is functionality, but style is a quick second. Not only can you enjoy clean, modern features and appointments, perfect for discerning teenage passengers, you also get to enjoy an ideal vehicle for the average on-the-go family. Think about all of the items on your daily to-do list, from lending the car to your teen for a movie with friends to running errands at the grocery store for the umpteenth time this week. Your vehicle plays a major role in all of this, which means that it needs to be efficient as well as safe, especially with a new driver at the helm. The Toyota Highlander handles all of your family’s needs with ease, making it the perfect car for busy families with teens.

Practicality reigns supreme in the Highlander, which offers 83.4 cu.ft. of cargo volume, perfect for carting around both groceries and your teen’s friends, and with three rows of space, plus plenty of configurable seating, making room for anything is a breeze. Perhaps what’s most enticing about the Highlander is its overall efficiency, as it’s able to get up to 29 MPG on the highway, which is perfect for all of those trips your teen is making back and forth to their friends’ houses to show off their brand-new driver’s license. Opt for the hybrid model for increased efficiency, up to 35 MPG on the highway, if you want to save even more at the pump.

In addition to a spacious interior and top-notch efficiency, the Highlander is also packed with safety features, designed to keep everyone on board and those traveling around you as secure as possible, another win for parents of teen drivers. Not only is the Highlander an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, but it’s also loaded with some of the most advanced safety and driver assistance features on the market, from lane-keeping assist to front and rear parking assistance, ideal for those who are perfecting their skills behind the wheel. If your family needs a vehicle that’s going to keep teen drivers safe, as well as maximize efficiency and space, the Toyota Highlander is the ideal choice for the family that’s always on the go.

A red 2022 Toyota Sienna XSE is shown parked on a city street.

Toyota Sienna: Spacious & Practical

For parents of young children, it helps to have a vehicle that can not only accommodate your rambunctious travel companions but also keep them safe and entertained, which is exactly what you can expect from the Toyota Sienna. This stylish minivan exhibits a sleek design inside and out, much in line with all the SUVs on the road, except that it offers more space and features, ideal for a family. What’s even more special about this minivan is that it comes standard with a hybrid powertrain, which allows it to get exceptional gas mileage of up to 36 MPG both in the city and on the highway. This makes it the ideal pick for busy families, who have a lot of running around to do, from dance classes to dentist appointments and from school functions to sports practice.

Families gravitate toward the Sienna due to its incredible use of interior space, as it’s able to accommodate eight passengers easily and has 101 cu.ft. of configurable cargo space available. Stylish appointments greet you inside, dotted with practical features throughout, including ample storage cubbies to ensure that your travelers have a place for everything they’re bringing along for the ride, snacks included. Perhaps the most appealing features of the Sienna are the most functional, like the built-in vacuum cleaner that can be found in top-level trims, perfect for eliminating messes on the go, because let’s face it, accidents with goldfish crackers and sippy cups tend to happen…a lot.

Available all-wheel drive capabilities provide heightened confidence on the road, especially if your journey is affected by inclement weather. No matter what lies ahead of you during your travels, know that the Sienna is prepared for it with a suite of safety features that is among the best in the industry. With standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, you’re able to revel in a secure and focused ride. If your family requires more space and the practical features necessary to cater to young travelers, perhaps no other vehicle in the Toyota lineup can rise up to this particular challenge quite like the Sienna. With plenty of space for passengers, car seats, diaper bags, sports equipment, and more, plus added efficiency and safety, the Toyota Sienna is a must for families with youngsters.

Toyota Sequoia: Adventurous & Reliable

There are many families out there who crave adventure, and when you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle your active lifestyle, the Toyota Sequoia is it. Its powerful V8 engine provides it with enhanced capabilities, making it the ideal travel companion on your next road trip or camping adventure, offering up 401 lb-ft of torque to be able to tow up to 7,400 lbs. Take your camper away to Pocahontas State Park for a camping trip, and with four-wheel drive capabilities available, traversing any terrain is easy. Built on a truck chassis, the Sequoia is designed to handle more, with a ruggedness not found in many other family-friendly travelers. Plus, with loads of space inside, handling all of your gear, plus any added guests for the weekend, is simple.

Choose the Sequoia TRD Pro model for even more off-road appeal, with an enhanced suspension system, finely tuned shocks, and larger tires, ready to tackle the elements with agility. With three rows of space to handle adventure-seeking families and all their gear, the Sequoia is perfect for the busy family who’s always planning their next escapade away from Richmond. What’s even more appealing about the Toyota Sequoia is its available rear-seat entertainment system, which is ideal for keeping the kids entertained when embarking on a road trip adventure out to George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. In addition, a premium JBL audio system is also available to set the mood of your ride so that everyone on board will be excited for what lies ahead on the way to the next destination.

Not only is the Sequoia exceptionally capable in various driving scenarios, including inclement weather and uneven terrain, but it’s backed by the famous Toyota reliability. One of the most dependable SUVs in Toyota’s arsenal, when you want to explore new territories with the family, the Sequoia is the perfect adventure companion. For families who are looking for a vehicle that can keep up with their active lifestyle, the Toyota Sequoia is a top pick, whether your journey takes you off the beaten path, through snow-capped mountains, or simply down the street to school in the morning.

A white 2022 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is shown driving on a path in the woods.

Which Toyota Model Is Right for Your Family?

So, what will it be? An efficient ride in the Highlander, perfect for busy families and teen drivers? Maybe the Sienna is the perfect match for your growing brood of youngsters. For those who seek more thrilling experiences, what about the rugged Sequoia?

No matter what type of family you are, one of these fine Toyota models will add more value, dependability, and safety to your travels. That’s why Haley Toyota of Richmond wants to be a part of your next Toyota experience because we know how important it is to find the ideal ride for your family’s needs. Stop by for a test drive of the safe and efficient Highlander, spacious and practical Sienna, or adventurous and reliable Sequoia to find the right fit for your family.