Here Are Seven of Our Favorite Family SUVs

January 13th, 2023 by

A silver 2020 Toyota RAV4, a used SUV for sale near me, is shown from the rear at an angle.

There is no one vehicle that is perfect for every driver, which is why you have a wide range of different models to choose from while shopping for a car. For many of us, SUVs have become the ultimate family vehicle, offering the perfect combination of size, performance, seating, safety, and great features throughout. If you’re wondering, “Is there a used SUV for sale near me?”, at Haley Toyota of Richmond, we’re here to help with a fantastic selection of pre-owned models to choose from. This much variety is perfect for getting just what you need, but it can also be a bit intimidating when you’re still trying to figure things out.

Depending on the size of your family, either a two-row or a three-row model could be best for you. With a two-row SUV, you get seating for up to five people, while three-row SUVs typically have seating for between seven and eight passengers, depending on if you pick a model with a second-row bench or pair of captain’s chairs. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite family SUVs and why you should take one for a test drive today.

Two-Row Models

The Toyota RAV4

One of our favorite SUVs out there, the RAV4 is not only Toyota’s best-selling SUV but the best-selling SUV worldwide from any manufacturer. There’s a reason so many people choose this model: it’s a compact crossover that delivers a fun driving experience, plenty of room inside, and terrific features throughout. First released here in the US for the 1996 model year, the RAV4 has proven itself for over 20 years and is a terrific choice if you want something small.

That’s a lot of different model years to choose from, but you can simplify things by focusing on some of the most recent ones. The fourth generation of the RAV4 started with the 2013 model year, but a facelift for it in 2016 makes it an even better choice. Going with a 2017 or 2018 model gets you fantastic features while saving you some money since the current generation launched in 2019; while they’re an excellent pick, they’ll also be the priciest option.

The Subaru Outback

If you want something a bit larger while still sticking with two rows of seating, then the midsize Subaru Outback is a great one to look for. The Outback got its start back in 1994, and it was originally a station wagon derived from the Subaru Legacy. Over the years since then, it has grown into a sporty SUV with its own identity and personality. By the start of its fifth generation for the 2015 model year, the Outback had grown apart from the Legacy, and they’re great models to look for when shopping used. Sixth-generation Outbacks, starting with 2020, will be your most expensive choice, but you can find great vehicles going back nearly a decade.

The Honda CR-V

While the Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling SUV in the world, it’s followed closely by the Honda CR-V and everything it brings to the road. The CR-V is also a compact crossover model, which speaks to how many people like getting the functionality and convenience of an SUV packed into a smaller vehicle. First released for the 1997 model year, the CR-V is Honda’s most popular vehicle and has gone through a lot over the years. Honda is launching an all-new generation with the 2023 CR-V, so you’ll find great fifth-generation CR-V models from when it started in 2019. There was an update for the fifth generation with the 2020 model year, which makes those a great choice for the latest features, as long as they fit your budget.

A green 2021 Subaru Outback is shown driving on beach sand.

Three-Row Models

The Toyota Highlander

If a three-row vehicle has more of what you need, we recommend taking a good look at the Toyota Highlander and everything it offers. The Highlander is a great choice for several reasons, including the fact that while it has three rows of seating, it’s a midsize model. This means you don’t have to worry about building a new garage to be able to fit your SUV into your life, but you still get plenty of room inside with seating for six or more people. Toyota gives the Highlander powerful engines every year, so you know you’ll get a great driving experience – there are even Hybrid models you can find, giving you fantastic fuel economy.

The current generation of the Highlander launched with the 2020 model year, so used ones from that year and later offer great features but will also have the highest price. If you’re looking to go easier on your budget, consider a model from 2016 to 2019; the third generation started with the 2014 model, but a facelift in 2016 makes those a more attractive prospect. You can’t go wrong with any of these, but your budget and the features you want will likely guide your decisions when looking at used options.

The Ford Explorer

One of our favorite three-row options, the Ford Explorer started its life as a smaller compact model for the 1991 model year but has grown into a midsize SUV in the decades since. While the Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling SUV worldwide, the Explorer is the best-selling SUV here in America, so that should tell you something about its quality. As its name suggests, the Explorer is a surprisingly adventurous model for a midsize SUV – particularly if you find a used one with all-wheel drive and Ford’s Terrain Management system that lets you adjust for mud, sand, snow, and other conditions. The current generation of the Explorer launched with the 2020 model year; prior to that, the fifth generation ran from 2011 to 2019 with updates in 2016 and 2018, so keep these model years in mind when looking at used options.

The Chevy Traverse

For something larger than the other models we’ve looked at, there’s the Chevy Traverse, an SUV that straddles the line between midsize and full-size engineering. The Traverse is incredibly spacious as a result of that, without getting quite as large as something like the Chevy Suburban. First released for the 2009 model year, the Traverse doesn’t go as far back as some of the other options we’ve looked at, but that makes it easier to find great used models in excellent condition. The second generation of the Traverse launched with the 2018 model year, so even if you go a few years back for a used one, you’ll still find a lot of the latest features on it.

The Kia Telluride

While many of the SUVs we’ve looked at have been around for decades, giving you lots of different model years to consider, the Kia Telluride was only just released in 2019. This means you won’t find nearly as many of them out there as you will with something like the Toyota RAV4 or Ford Explorer, but it also means any used Telluride you find will be a recent model. It’s easy to find the latest features on a Telluride since that’s pretty much all it’s ever had, plus its impressive 3.8L 291-hp engine makes this midsize SUV a lot of fun to drive.

A blue 2020 Ford Explorer ST is shown from the front while driving.

An SUV for Every Type of Family

With so many terrific used SUVs to choose from, you can see why some people get overwhelmed by all of the options available to them. Since we have a huge selection of used models here at Haley Toyota of Richmond, we understand how easy it is to get lost in this sea of choices, but it also makes it easy for us to find you the perfect SUV for your family. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help and ensure you drive away in the right vehicle. Call or come visit us today at Haley Toyota of Richmond and discover how easy it can be to find the SUV your family will make amazing memories in for many years ahead.