An Ideal Choice: A 2022 Toyota Highlander Buyer’s Guide

February 22nd, 2024 by

A red 2022 Toyota Highlander for sale near me is shown from the front at an angle.

Being an average consumer and finding a vehicle that’s perfect for your needs and situation can be challenging, and this is especially true for those with family obligations to consider. With the various expenses that go hand-in-hand with being a modern family, a dependable, cost-effective, and versatile vehicle can make all the difference in the world when it comes to sustaining a comfortable existence outside of the home. Luckily, such a vehicle with these attributes and more can be found in the 2022 Toyota Highlander. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the consumer-friendly attributes of the Highlander. By the time you’ve finished reading, it won’t be a question of “Is the Highlander ideal?” but more along the lines of “Is there a Toyota Highlander for sale near me?”

Performance That’s Cost-Effective

We’re not going to waste any time when it comes to offering up the advantages that the 2022 Toyota Highlander has to offer. A concern for many consumers these days is cost-effectiveness. The name of the game is finding the balance of having an affordable vehicle with conservative fuel consumption that also manages those features with performance and style. These cornerstones are where we begin our examination.

A vehicle’s cost-effectiveness comes from two determining factors: how much you pay upfront and how much you’ll be spending at the pump. The starting MSRP for the 2022 Toyota Highlander begins at $35,855; as we’ll see throughout this article, this is a bargain when you look at all Toyota has to offer. Now that you have a ballpark figure regarding what it takes to get the Highlander from lot to driveway, it’s time to examine what’s under the hood and what will be going in your fuel tank.

The standard engine offering is a 3.5L V6, producing 295 hp. Equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the standard powertrain is quick, agile, and wastes no time getting you wherever it is you need to go. Testing revealed that it takes 6.7 seconds to go from 0 to 60 MPH, while the EPA-estimated fuel economy comes in at 21 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway. The EPA also estimates the total fuel savings will amount to approximately $1,750 over the course of five years.

If you’re looking to save a bit more, you can take advantage of the Highlander’s available hybrid powertrain. Consisting of a 2.5L four-cylinder engine and two additional electric motors, you’ll get an impressive 243 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with a CVT (continuous variable transmission) for optimal city driving, the results speak for themselves. An estimated fuel economy of 36 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway is impressive and will lead to an estimated $2,250 in fuel savings over five years. The choice between the two different powertrains comes down to which you prefer, performance or practicality, which the Highlander can certainly accommodate.

Interior Amenities

The interior of any vehicle is where you’ll spend the most time; therefore, it’s imperative that you have a comfortable seat, accessible features, and room for groceries and science-fair projects that need to be transported from time to time. As with any vehicle on the market, the accessibility of the various amenities of the Highlander depends on the trim. With eleven different trims altogether, the options tend to vary, so we’ll review the basics to help you evaluate which ones you feel you need the most.

Like many other vehicles on the market, The Highlander is anchored by a generously sized infotainment screen. The base trims have an 8-inch touchscreen conveniently placed in the center of the dash and are easily accessible from the driver’s seat. The upper trims receive a display that stretches out to 12.3 inches, so if visibility is a priority for you, you might want to consider one of them. No matter what level of trim you decide upon, your infotainment center will grant you access to SiriusXM, a 4G hotspot, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Alexa integration.

When it comes to comfort, the Highlander doesn’t lack by any means; even the base trims have their unique amenities. The base trims have three-zone climate control, with heated seats being an optional addition. The Limited and Platinum trims, which are also the highest on the list, have leather upholstery, and if you’re an audiophile, you’ll want to enjoy the 11-speaker JBL high-end stereo system.

A blue 2022 Toyota Highlander is shown from the front at an angle while driving.

Safety and Driving Assistance Features

The final aspect we plan on covering in our buying guide is easily the most important. Performance and comfort are both things to keep an eye out for, but nothing will ever be more important than keeping yourself safe when you’re on the road. While the aforementioned attributes tend to differ upon trim level, Toyota’s Safety Sense 2.5, a comprehensive suite of features, is standard on all models, allowing for more peace of mind from one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Let’s break down what this consists of.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

One thing that every driver develops through experience is reaction time. While some are more adept at this than others, this feature is put in place to assist in alertness whenever a collision is imminent. Through the use of a camera and radar, this feature can help avoid a potentially dangerous collision should your reaction time be delayed.

Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Ideal for long stretches of highway driving, this feature monitors traffic patterns to increase reaction time by allowing you to maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road.

Lane Departure Alert

By detecting the lane markings on the street, you’ll be alerted if you begin to depart from your lane inadvertently. Sometimes the monotony of long trips on the open road can occasionally cause us to lose focus while driving. Luckily, with this feature, you have another pair of eyes looking out for you should you become distracted.

Automatic High Beams

Another highly effective feature to aid in visibility, your high beams will be toggled in between low and high settings depending upon the presence of oncoming traffic. Rather than becoming distracted by turning the high beams on and off on those dark roads, this useful tool has you covered.

Lane Tracing Assist

Used in conjunction with the Highlander’s dynamic radar cruise control, lane tracing assist helps your vehicle stay centered in its lane. Visibility isn’t always available, and this feature is meant to help with that. Think of it as another tool for keeping you in your lane and away from a potential accident.

Road Sign Assist

Utilizing camera technology, road sign assist might be self-explanatory in its description, but it’s essential when traveling on long stretches of highway or when visibility isn’t at its best. The feature will read these passing signs and display them on the multi-information display. Although we’d like to think we’re aware of our surroundings at all times when driving, that is not always the case. This feature is an extra reminder to be aware of the crucial road signs you regularly pass.

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Power, Comfort, and Safety, All in an Affordable Package

With so much that comes standard in terms of safety and so many available options in comfort and performance via the multiple trim levels, the 2022 Toyota Highlander is a standout model when it comes to a consumer-friendly SUV. Toyota’s long-standing reputation as a manufacturer with a keen eye for reliability certainly speaks for itself. As an extension of the brand, Haley Toyota of Richmond strongly believes in adhering to the same principles that Toyota drivers have come to expect. Whether it’s the Highlander or a new and used Toyota model, we’ve got the election for every type of driver. Come visit us today, and we’d be more than happy to help get you behind the wheel of a great Toyota vehicle like the Highlander.